Aka HannahBanana, Hannah Montana, Hannah Boombooms. Hannah is almost human; she loves people and when she’s tired,she will gaze into your eyes in the most soulful way (similar to the look Charlie gives us when he wants treats). She LOVES walks and alas, one of her favorite hobbies is digging. She has a corner in the yard where she has buried hundreds of her toys – every now and then she’ll come into the house with a mysterious, fossilised toy. Her arch-enemy is the cat next door and she reserves a special bark for it. She definitely wears the doggy-pants in the family and no-one messes with her.

I will include a link to Golden Retrievers Rescue at the bottom of my page. I don’t believe in ‘breed-ism’ when it comes to dogs. I think all dogs are worthy (and often, the more-maligned breeds make the most loving dogs – but that’s a very important topic which I want to cover properly another time). But of course, personally, I have a very soft spot for golden retrievers.

Do you have a special golden girl in your life?

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2 thoughts on “Hannah

  1. Azadeh Houshmand says:

    Like I mentioned previously, we had a golden retriever named Bentley for a little over a year. He was THE most adorable, kind, good-natured, patient, loving and caring dog I have ever known. There was absolutely NOTHING about his personality that wasn’t likeable. The only downside was that he was sometimes a little TOO loving and affectionate – you could pet him non-stop and it still wouldn’t be enough, and he would nudge you with his nose, asking for more. But that’s it. Once, my boyfriends youngest son (he has 3 kids from his first marriage), who was about two and a half years old at the time, was standing at the end of our couch, hopping up and down on something. I couldn’t see what he was standing on, but he was squealing with laughter and he was literally HOPPING!! I got up from the couch to see what it was, and I saw that he was standing and jumping on Bentley, who was lying on his side on the floor. Bentley didn’t look thrilled at what was going on, he looked at me with an expression that said something sarcastic like “gee, ain’t this a blast. please make him stop” – but he stayed put. I swear, I think he knew that if he got up and moved somewhere else, then the little boy might fall. It’s like he knew that the litle boy was, in a way, a kind of “puppy”, and that he had to be more gentle with him than he would be with the rest of us adults. I of course made the boy stop, and once he stopped, Bentley just moved so he was sitting instead of lying, but he stayed in the same place. I don’t know why, but I thought that episode was so sweet, because it really demonstrated how patient and good-natured Bentley was, how he would never get mad, and how gentle he was with kids…

    • Golden retrievers are known for their gentleness with children (of course, there are exceptions as with any dog). I know all too well the not-so-subtle “Goldie Nudge”…as soon as you stop patting Hannah, you feel a little wet nose on your hand, as if to say “Why’d you stop??” She also does a cute thing where she puts her paw on you if she wants you to keep patting her. There’s nothing more divine to me than a golden retriever (except for a chocolate labrador :))

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