Lost In Translation : Dumb Things People Say to A Dog Lover


I’m generally an easy-going person and I have a sense of humour.   It takes a lot to get under my skin, but if you want to really annoy me, try using some of these lines (all true quotes)

  • “I loooove my dog.  He is a great dog, gets me so much attention from the ladies.  I’m looking for a cute lady-dog to breed him with.  How about your dog Hannah? We can split the profit from the puppies.”      I don’t think he was a bad guy; just ignorant.  People, it is NOT ok to breed your dogs, unless you are a registered and experienced breeder.  There are far too many shelter dogs around to add to the problem; spay and neuter your animals!  Which brings me to my next quote.
  • “Nah, I could never neuter him mate.  He’s a tough little guy.  I wouldn’t want to take his manhood away.”  Repeat after me: Neutering does NOT reduce manhood – yours or your dog’s.  And if your sense of being a man comes from your dog, then you have much bigger problems.
  • “Why don’t you just put him down?” Told to me in jest by a friend when my dog was having surgery.  I was not amused.
  • “You animal people are just nuts.  Spending so much money on a dog. It’s just an animal.”  I hear this all the time.  Some people feel they have the right to tell you how to spend your money. The irony is, when we first got our dogs, people thought we were nuts for getting pet insurance.  They made us feel so ashamed of it, that we stopped the pet insurance, thinking we were being silly.  Two months later, my dog had a bowel obstruction and needed major surgery.  And guess what…no pet insurance.  It was a painful lesson learnt the hard way.

I still find it so difficult to deal with these sort of comments. If you get defensive, then you are perceived as ‘crazy dog lady‘. So to keep the peace, you laugh these comments off.  But why should we have to justify our lifestyle choices? Why is it cool for people to crack jokes about dogs when you could never turn around and make a comment about someone’s spiritual beliefs or children?    At a recent  function, someone found out I was a vegetarian and decided to explain to me exactly what he finds thrilling about a certain violent act towards animals.

How do you deal with these sort of comments? Any witty come-backs you can share?  I could use a good one-liner. What sort of dumb things have people said to you?

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