Could You Be…The Most Beautiful Dog In the World

What do you think is the most beautiful dog breed in the world? Thank you to braith an’ lithe for inspiring this post. I was checking out her blog (which is awesome btw) and had serious dog-envy of her greyhound.  It got me thinking about the beauty of dogs – it’s all very subjective of course, but in my eyes, the greyhound is the most beautiful dog in the world.

The Greyhound


I dare you to disagree with me! OK, I know some people think ‘they’re not cuddly’ or they’re ‘too skinny’, but there is something elegant and magical about them.  For me, it’s the combination of their soulful eyes in their small faces which gets me every time.

They are often misunderstood and the mandatory muzzling laws in many states gives people the impression that greyhounds are aggressive.  In fact, most are incredibly gentle and loving, and make wonderful pets. They don’t shed hair, require a relatively short walk every day and spent a lot of time sleeping.  They are great as apartment dogs for these reasons.

For those of you in Australia, check out your local Greyhound Adoption Program. In Victoria, it is Greyhound Adoption Program.  Too busy for a full-time dog?  Consider fostering a greyhound.  Also, check out Barbara Karant’s incredible photographs of greyhounds: Greyhounds The Book.  These were the pictures that first made me fall in love with the breed.

Having said all that, the beauty of a dog often lies in what he means to the owner.  A dog that has helped you through a difficult or lonely time will be the most beautiful dog in the world for you.  Sometimes the mixed-breed dog (or ‘mutt’) adopted from the pound is so special in its uniqueness. Being a ‘mixed-breed’ person myself  🙂 I have a soft spot for these type of dogs.

What type of dog is most beautiful for you? 

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6 thoughts on “Could You Be…The Most Beautiful Dog In the World

  1. thank you for your kind comment on my first post!
    Hmmm, I do think breeds with fine facial structures like greyhounds and collies are beautiful but as you said it depends on the owner – like mothers and their children we think our dog’s the best 🙂

  2. Your blog is looking great ! 🙂 As much as I love greyhounds, they’re my ‘one-day’ dog. My current dogs are a labrador and golden retriever, and they’re just perfect. Like you say, mothers and children.

  3. Thanks for your kind words!
    Sometimes when Amy is floating gracefully away with her eyes fixed on the far horizon, deaf to recall, I think longingly of collies and retrievers 😉
    But aesthetically the pointy dogs are my thing – whippets, salukis, lurchers too…
    There is a foster husky temporarily at the hound kennels and I can see she’s gorgeous – super-fluffy, bear paws, alert wolf ears, ice blue eyes – though she wouldn’t be the right dog for our family (we’d have to take up long distance running or sledding or something to keep her happy!).
    My husband and 14yo still speak of a German short-haired pointer they met at a falconry lesson nearly 2 years ago – it was such an athletic, impeccably trained, intelligent dog, they were blown away.
    You might like Reni has hounds and organised this fab greyhound playdate fundraiser

  4. Don’t worry, retrievers have the ‘deaf to recall’ issue as well! Oh, there are so many dogs I would love to have, if time, space, and money were permitting. I love Rottweilers, German Shepherds, whippets, the list goes on and on. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a little pooch, like a cute Yorkshire terrier. Thanks for the links, I’ll have a look.

  5. I have to agree with you – Greyhounds are the most beautiful! But I am very biased as I have 2 brindle hounds of my own. I’ve met Barbara – she volunteers with the Greyhound Rescue group in Chicago through which we adopted our first hound, Lucie. She was at the very first adoption event my husband and I went to when we were considering a rescue dog. Her enthusiasm and love for the breed was contagious! And then I saw some of the photos from her book – and I was hooked 🙂

    Thanks for liking some of my posts! I’m looking forward to following your blog.

    • I especially love the brindles! All this has made me think about volunteering in local greyhound rescue groups. Right now I have so much on my plate, but I’ll definitely look into it. It may satisfy my love for the breed until I actually get one of my own 🙂

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