Do You Have a Favorite Dog?

I swear I love both my dogs equally, but some people think I might favor one over the other.  I looked through the blog and saw that I had more photos of Charlie than Hannah.  My guilt was overwhelming and I started to imagine that Hannah was looking at me reproachfully.  Sometimes I thought I saw her look away sadly, with the glint of a tear in her eye.  So, in the interest of mending Hannah’s broken heart, and proving that I love both equally, here are some of Hannah’s cutest moments, captured! Tell her how cute she is, so we can undo the damage caused.  OK , so Charlie squeezed his way into a couple of these 🙂


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11 thoughts on “Do You Have a Favorite Dog?

  1. 1annecasey says:

    OMG – completely divine!! You are one very lucky lady, and they are two very, very lucky dogs! : ))xx

  2. Awww, what a sweetie!

  3. What a very beautiful girl 🙂 We find we have more photos of Putney on our blog than Cheyne and Popper, not because he’s our favourite dog (we don’t have a favourite although he IS our favourite Putney!) but he’s such a tart when it comes to the camera! If he sees the camera’s out, it MUST be him we want to take a picture of, right? 😆

    • Thanks – I love her face and especially her eyes. There’s always one tart in the family and that’s Charlie for us 🙂 I wish I had three dogs but the house is cramped enough as it is. One day, when I’m rich….

  4. Gorgeous; I love the top photo! She looks like a really sweet-natured girl. And she is beautifully svelte so you must be doing grand despite your concerns about over-treating — my friends have a lovely GR and it’s a constant struggle to keep her trim, she will eat absolutely *anything* given a second’s chance!

    • She is very gentle and soft in temperament. All she wants to do is flop around and get pats. She doesn’t know a single trick, apart from usual obedience stuff like sit. But her beautiful face makes up for it! Her weight is pretty good, Charlie is the one who’s a bit chubby.

  5. araneus1 says:

    The problem is, for the purposes of blogging, one of my dogs is more of a character so there tends to be more photos and more stories. My other dog is quiet and loving and the world needs ‘quiet and loving’ as well, it just does not make for good copy……. and yes, she gives me that look too.

  6. hehe just checked out your blog and your pooches are adorable! I think the meek shall conquer the world – and being shy is charming in its own way. But yes, the loud ones usually make for better copy 🙂

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