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They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab…And I Said ‘No, no ,no!’

When I’m feeling overwhelmed by life, I watch this video of Charlie and it makes me smile in 2 minutes.

Charlie had hip dysplasia and had a big operation for it when he was a puppy (triple pelvic osteotomy).  He could not weight bear for 8 weeks after the surgery.  We had to keep him in his crate for most of the time as per the surgeon’s instructions.  Imagine you’re a dog, and you wake up one day being unable to walk! We had to lift him outside to do his toiletting.  It was an unbelievably stressful time for us.  But Charlie took it all in his stride, no pun intended.

This video was taken soon after the surgeon gave the ‘OK’ for Charlie to start weight-bearing and suggested hydrotherapy. The hydrotherapist-lady in the video was absolutely wonderful with him, as you can see.

In the video, Charlie reminds me to take life step-by-step.  He reminds me to persevere even when things seem dismal.  His beautiful face and wagging tail remind me to remain optimistic.

Charlie ended up making a great recovery and can now be seen in parks all over Melbourne, running to his heart’s content.  And he did it by taking things step-by-step and facing the world with courage.

What has your dog taught you?

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